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Business Editors Education Writers NOTE TO EDITORS: While in The item name WRITE~NOW(TM) observed in this Information release, a tilde is between COMPOSE NOW. This symbol may well not appear precisely in some methods. BASH, Fla. –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 16, 2003 WRITE~NOW(TM) Writing Application Quickly Examines And Feedback, Aiding Pupils Enhance and Enhance Writing Skills While Removing Extended Grading Process for Instructors SDIdeas, Inc. , designer and marketer of revolutionary publishing enhancement technology, today reported the option of WRITE~NOW(TM) software, the writing enhancement technology that helps students of most ages to improve and enrich their publishing skills, while eliminating the extended grading approach for educators. Donahue, tutor at functions manager for Vocabulary Magazine and Dade School, specifically developed the perfect solution is for Americais bad writers’ issues.

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WRITE~NOW assists students boost their writing capabilities by answering open-ended inquiries and supplying feedback on syntax composition, terminology and much more. WRITE~NOW hasbeen employed under a comprehensive test marketing method nationally at universities and various colleges. Now, after productive examination deployments that are numerous, WRITE~NOW will be distributed around teachers and students worldwide. “Inadequate writing can be a national turmoil, and Americans are less savvy than ever before,” said Dr. Steven Donahue, founder of SDIdeas, Inc. “A writing innovation, this online program evaluates pupils’ documents by giving them robust feedback while detecting and repairing the growth of sub-standard usage, including hip hop for the undoubtedly obscene. We anticipate making this software offered to learners with the hope of widely increasing writing strategies. ” The innovative software has been marketed by Jeffrey Loch, boss and president of SDIdeas, who mentioned, “WRITE~NOW is actually a category-killer a kind of silver-bullet for anyone understanding how to master publishing that is English, new item.

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In fact, just like cell phones, artificial hair-dye and the personal computer, this can modify just how we work and live. ” Loch further mentioned, “The effective thing about WRITE~NOW is the fact that essays may be won or scored immediately. Traditional grading may take weeks or nights, and from the moment feedback is provided, the particular formula is not even close to storage. While the content is not preserved in storage WRITE~NOW offers fast feedback. Plus, it truly is a huge time saver for instructors. ” WRITE~NOW uses an artificial intelligence motor to score open-ended, constructed response inquiries. The private answer scoring technology of the product examines written responses online in real time to accomplish scoring premiums greater than or corresponding to the reliability of two expert human scorers.

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Unlike less-successful techniques that relied on generalized examination of writing, WRITE~NOW makes an example unique type – a “Polaroid” of the writing based on a variation of the maximal Voronoi algorithm’s utilization. The efficiency of this algorithm has been been shown to not be inferior to other strategies, including the network technology. Donahue further mentioned, “Essentially, that is’ currently thinking application’ that replicates much of the boredom experienced by educators in repairing student documents. WRITE~NOW software is actually a mixture of’heuristics’, which offers activity of the significant content and architectural capabilities it’discovers’ about submitted text documents. Lastly, writing pupils can get true state-of- the- feedback to enhance their writing, and educators could take care of larger- order. ” Donahue more explained, “For instance, a student lately published a report by which she applied the hiphop expression’dawg’ to suggest a male friend, nevertheless the plan grabbed it and advised friend, pal, soulmate or associate as greater alternatives. ” Loch states, “Using A instructor absence that is critical, this software enables authors. For instance, levels have actually jumped at Dade Faculty while using the application in their writing, since it is not slower for fixing -draft writing when compared to a legion of teachers that were overloaded. We are sure WRITE~NOW will help their publishing improves and support educators tremendously.

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The software supplies a remarkable time-savings for instructors, permitting them to do the things they do – train. ” WRITE~NOW consists of a selection of narrative, descriptive, influential, assess along with other issues within multiple classes, allowing students to publish both in school or at home by which to react with over 300 accessible questions. The item is offered by numerous training establishments including Miami Dade University and will also be offered quickly for $29. 95 via direct response tv as well as the Internet. For even more data or purchase, visit with www. writenowabc. com. Inc, about SDIdeas. SDIdeas is the builder of writing development engineering that is innovative that intuitively helps their capabilities to be improved upon by individuals of all ages.

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Its cutting-edge WRITE~NOW product suite includes WRITE~NOW Language, WRITE~NOW Grammar WRITE~NOW Dissertation and WRITE~NOW Chance Language which alerts writers to any foul, jargon or nonstandard terms. Dr. Steven Donahue, founding father of tutor at Dade University SDIdeas and attributes manager for Vocabulary Magazine, specially designed the software to lessen the problems of Americais weak writers and also to meet up with the desires of individuals worldwide. To control understanding for students around the globe he’s employed technology’s ability for a long time. Beyond the class, the US Military has applied the WRITE~NOW application for mastering incredible languages for example Dari and Pashto, the languages of Afghanistan. To find out more, visit www. writenowabc. com.

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